muses_muse_award_2009.jpgby Gian Fiero @ The Muse's Muse
November 13th, 2009

How do you I know when a CD is good? When I put it on just to “sample” it, and I end up listening to whole thing. Even though I’m a music reviewer, it should be no different for music lovers. That's the case with Only Human.

The guitarist known simply as “The Guy” is a Berklee College of Music graduate who has taken his education and career very seriously. His new project reflects a well-contrived, but highly organic body of work which is truly meant to be consumed (and best appreciated) in its entirety. 

Because my reviews highlight the best commercial singles on projects, I have to choose a single here, and it’s “Interlude In Bleu.” It’s a sexy, feel-good demonstration of The Guy’s sublime composition skills which he uses at will in weaving an intricate, emotional tapestry through his songs that make them engaging, compelling, and complete. 

With a project that is fueled by this type of talent and passion, you may wonder if “The Guy” is only human.

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