guitar_international.jpgThe Guy Only Human Album Review 
By: Dr. Matt Warnock 

Only Human is an entertaining and intellectually challenging jazz-rock fusion release by Boston based instrumental guitarist and composer Christopher Schreiner, A.K.A. “The Guy.” The album features a strong supporting cast, with David Livolsi on bass, Tyger MacNeal on drums and keyboardist Chris Coogan contributing on two of the albums eight tracks. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music, Schreiner has established himself as one of the strongest up and coming guitarists on the East Coast. With such a strong debut release in Only Human, Schreiner has furthered that reputation and given himself a forward momentum that few young guitarists can hope to experience.

All of the compositions, with one exception, on the album were written and arranged by Schreiner. Showcasing his diverse influences, and tastes in music, the compositions range from the hauntingly ethereal “Intro,” to the fantastically funky “Zebra Club,” complete with sampled jungle sounds, to pop-rock-jazz hybrids such as “Icarus.” With such a wide range of genres, styles and grooves covered on one album, Schreiner is ensuring that there is something for every fan of instrumental guitar, rock, pop-rock and jazz to enjoy. While many young players tend to release an album of covers and standard tunes for their debut efforts, Schreiner should be commended for not only writing solid material, but for sticking his neck out by recording a debut album of original material.

Schreiner’s guitar work blends together modern rock-fusion elements with bluesy, jazz based harmonies and melodic material. Songs like “Icarus” draw up images of Vai, Satriani, Holdsworth, Metheny and Scott Henderson, with just enough Malmsteeneqsue sweep picking to keep shred heads happy, an homage to the diversity in Schreiner’s playing and in his musical influences. Other tracks, such as the Coltrane classic “Syeeda’s Song Flute,” are more laid back, focusing on the groove more than on chops. The result is a hard-driving, absolutely funky reinterpretation of a classic jazz tune. Overall Schreiner’s guitar playing is sophisticated, energetic and aurally stimulating, not bad for a player fresh out of College.

Only Human is a strong debut release for instrumental rock-jazz guitarist Chris Schreiner. The band is tight throughout, the tunes are well written and the solos are exciting and engaging. Few young guitarists out there today could have released a debut album as strong as this, and it leaves the door wide open for Schreiner to have a long and successful career if he continues to write, play and record at this level.

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jazz_review.jpg by Brenton Plourde @
December 7th, 2009

The guy plays guitar. The guy is not bad. Who is the guy? Guitarist Christopher Schreiner is known in some circles as “the guy” and to some people, not putting a name to a face is a good thing and to some people it isn’t. Schreiner releases his debut album titled Only Human with six of the eight tracks composed by Schreiner with one sharing credit with keyboardist Chris Coogan and the other an interpretation of Coltrane’s "Syeeda’s Song Flute."

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Schreiner has a melodism of his own. "Icarus" is a slow moving piece that allows Schreiner to flow effortlessly throughout. The album has a light, jazz rock feel to it. The cover of Coltrane’s "Syeeda’s Song Flute" and "Youngblood" are more upbeat tracks which also works well for Schreiner's style. As much as the album is layered with Schreiner and drummer Tyger MacNeal, David Livolsi on bass and keyboardist Chris Coogan, the layering does not hamper any of the effects that Schreiner and the others are trying to purvey.

The album ends with some more slow movers like "Her Hypnotic Heart" and "Something Beautiful," for which Schreiner has really found a way to balance between slow to upbeat and back to slow again with Schrenier stating in his press release that his style is “…a reflection of my taste in music, I gravitate towards hypnotic grooves of neo-soul and R&B, as well as, the music of seminal guitar heroes of the past and present…”

The guy is Christopher Schreiner. Now you know who he is. Only Human will give you a better idea of who this melodic guitarist is. The question has been answered.

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Stratoblogster.jpgby JP @ The Strato-Blogster
December 4th, 2009

Chris Schreiner aka "The Guy" recently sent us his debut CD release "Only Human" for review, which I've been thoroughly digging all week. The featured video is Chris performing as a finalist in the 2008 Guitar Player Guitar Superstar competition for a panel of judges including Satriani, Vai, & Elliot Easton. The gracious host, in case you didn't catch it, is Police Officer Andy Summers himself. 

I suspect The Guy probably would have preferred I post a different video, since the above isn't from his Youtube channel and contains a couple little rough spots switching up sounds... But I wanna make a point (as is so often the case). Here's a cat who while under the microscope of some very heavy hitters chooses to bring clean & dynamic original material to the table, instead of the expected pedal to the metal, quaalude thunder accompanied, sweeping shred splooge fest.

Pretty gutsy stuff when you look at the big picture. 

The even bigger picture is revealed in Schreiner's, Stratoblogster recommended "ONLY HUMAN" which you can download or order CD at 

Schreiner plays a D'Pergo s-type guitar, just like his Berklee mentor Julien Kasper, another fusion badass we've featured who teaches Jeff Beck & Hendrix performance labs at the big B school. Only Human is pleasantly non-dense and non-derivative, in spite of the fact that Chris takes some serious technical & tonal cues from Jeff Beck, Scott Henderson & Eric Johnson. What better sources for a fresh new fusion cat to draw from? The music and arrangements have their own personality and plenty of breathing space-- and feature a rhythm section to die for. And he's really going for his own voice and grooves. But does he crank it up and burn too? You betcha! 

So buy one or four Only Human CD's, as they'll make great stocking stuffers for those fusion pals who you wouldn't want to discover Chris Schreiner from anyone else but your own Strat-o-Savvy self. Get it!


muses_muse_award_2009.jpgby Gian Fiero @ The Muse's Muse
November 13th, 2009

How do you I know when a CD is good? When I put it on just to “sample” it, and I end up listening to whole thing. Even though I’m a music reviewer, it should be no different for music lovers. That's the case with Only Human.

The guitarist known simply as “The Guy” is a Berklee College of Music graduate who has taken his education and career very seriously. His new project reflects a well-contrived, but highly organic body of work which is truly meant to be consumed (and best appreciated) in its entirety. 

Because my reviews highlight the best commercial singles on projects, I have to choose a single here, and it’s “Interlude In Bleu.” It’s a sexy, feel-good demonstration of The Guy’s sublime composition skills which he uses at will in weaving an intricate, emotional tapestry through his songs that make them engaging, compelling, and complete. 

With a project that is fueled by this type of talent and passion, you may wonder if “The Guy” is only human.

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evor-entertainment.jpgby Charlie Harrelson @ EvO:R Entertainment
October 18th, 2009

Combining elements for Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, and Robin Ford just to name a few Christopher Schreiner aka the Guy is one of the finest 21st Century guitarists to come our way. I have listened to this CD for a couple months (which is not normal for a reviewer) and have been very inspired musically by Schreiner. His phrasing is stunning and the content of his song writting is first class.

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subcity_radio.gifby KacperK @ Subcity Radio
Sept 30th, 2009

Only Human is a result of fifteen months of work of Schreiner and three associated musicians. And it is not hard to hear, that arranging those compositions must have been a lenghty process. As soon as in intro we get tot know that Schreiner is a hell of a guitar player with a great feeling for utterly chilled out melodies. Second tune, quite impressiveIcarus reveals that Schreiner moves freely in a context of fusion jazz with mild references to the delicate sound of early progressive rock.

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April, 2009 - by John Heidt
Chris Schreiner Musical Dreaming

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September, 2008 - San Francisco, CA
Guitar Super Star Coverage

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ProgressorOlav M Bjornsen: April 13, 2009 
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Prolusion. THE GUY, aka Christopher Schreiner, is a US-based guitarist who has been playing the guitar since age 9. He graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 2005 and released a collection of compositions named "The First Seven" the same year. "Only Human" was self-released in 2008 and from what I can gather this is the official debut of this artist.

Instrumental Guitarist & Talented Artist - Chris Schreiner 

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Christopher Schreiner A.K.A. the guy is based out of Norwalk CT USA. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in '05 as a performance major and while there, he was a member of Kenwood Dennard's band, performing at various venues in Boston.

Chris was nominated for the student guitar showcase twice. In 2008, he released his Debut album Only Human, which was received with enthusiasm from publications around the world, including Phase 9tv (UK), The Wall Street Journal, and Vintage Guitar Magazine.Musical Escapades

mark_from_holland.gifBerklee College of Music graduate Chris Schreiner AKA "The Guy" from Norwalk, CT sent me his debuut CD "Only Human." In between getting nominated for awards, Chris travels the World with his crafty musicianship. He performed last year at the Himalayan Blues Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal. This month he's off to Japan. His guitar notes and melodies are Sweet!

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perfect_porridge.jpgGreg Swan, managing editor
February 24th, 2009
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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the guy! He may look like Willow in this picture, but the guy, aka Christopher Schreiner, is the epitome of a Berklee-trained professional guitarist.

the guy released first solo album, Only Human, last summer and just returned from a tour of Nepal and India. Check out this track from the album below:

Nester Minsk© 2008 Christopher Schreiner A.K.A. the guy
8 tks / 35 mins
(Christopher Schreiner A.K.A. the guy – g; David Livolsi – b; Tyger MacNeal – dr; Chris Coogan – keyb (tks 3,6);)
диск предоставил the guy

Мне никогда раньше не доводилось слышать этого американского музыканта – ни под его настоящим именем Кристофер Шрайнер, ни под псевдонимом the guy. Кстати, происхождение этого ника, который кому-то может показаться претенциозным, весьма прозаично. Дело в том, что отца музыканта звали тоже Кристофером, и с детства родные и близкие, во избежание путаницы, звали Криса-младшего просто «парень». Со временем он и сам привык говорить о себе в третьем лице, так the guy стал его ником. Only Human – это его дебютный альбом. Тем не менее, the guy – не новичок. Он окончил известный Berklee College of Music, а ранее играл в ансамбле Кенвуда Деннарда и участвовал в записи его альбома Metajam в 2005 году.

dprp-logoReview by: BOB MULVEY
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I have to admit that I was slightly dubious at first, certainly the album cover didn't appeal and I was a little troubled that Christopher Schreiner was referred to as "The Guy". Surely in the overcrowded guitar instrumental market this was not some sort of boastful claim. Apparently not and the title is in fact a nickname derived over a period of time. As it stands Christopher Schreiner comes across as a genuine and gifted musician, who along with three other talented "guys", have rekindled my curiosity once more.


Sea of TranquilityReviewer: Michael Popke
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Forget, if you can, the nickname that Christopher Schreiner attaches to his work and listen to his first solo album, Only Human, for what it is: Thirty-five minutes of subtly sophisticated, instrumental jazz-rock highlighted by The Guy's fluid, groovy and airy electric guitar. (A subdued three-piece band backs him.)

A Berklee College of Music grad, Schreiner was among the 10 finalists in Guitar Player magazine's 2008 Guitar Superstar Competition. But his style is less superstar than connoisseur — offering a distinct take on John Coltrane's "Syeeda's Song Flute," grooving on the seductive "An Interlude in Bléu" and infusing "Something Beautiful" with an eerie feeling of mourning. Only on "Youngblood," a scorcher that wouldn't have sounded out of place in the acid-rock scene of the late-Sixties, does The Guy act like a "superstar." But that's OK, because every all-electric-guitar album doesn't have to sizzle with rage and hubris.


Progressive Newsletter Christopher Schreiner alias "The Guy" ist ein umwerfend gutaussehender Mann. Und er weiss es. Jedenfalls könnte das Artwork seines zweiten Albums so gedeutet werden (naja, auch dem Foto eines prächtigen Effect Boards wird hier Platz eingeräumt. Aber nicht viel ;-). Weit wichtiger in unserem Kontext aber sind die Schönheiten von The Guy's wunderbarem Ton: Selbst Berklee-Absolvent hat er in der Band von Berklee-Drum-Professor Kenwood Dennard gespielt (myspace. com/kenwooddennard) und mit diesem das Album Metajam eingespielt. "Only Human" entstand mit der beträchtlichen Hilfe von David Livolsi (bss) und Tyger MacNeal (drms). Es hebt mit einem zarten Intro an, das genau wie das im Folgende aufsteigende "Icarus" auf Größen des Genres wie Pat Metheny oder Jeff Richman verweist. Die Umarmungen von Christophers Gitarre und Chris Coogans luzid gespielten Keyboards beim wundervollen "An Interlude In Bleu" können sogar an die legendäre Kooperation von Jeff Beck mit Max Middleton erinnern. Das nun erscheinende "Zebra" ist ein Tier mit unglaublichem Groove, der hier wichtiger als jedes Solo zu sein scheint. Bluesrock hat der Guy auch drauf, die Phrasierungen von "Youngblood" haben etwas von Cutheads (d.i. DominiK Rüegg) Raffinesse. Mit der Ausnahme der harten Coltrane-Nummer "Syeda's Song Flute" stammt das Material vom Guy. Hörproben zu der ganzen Pracht gibt es auf myspace. com/metajam, kaufen kann man "Only Human" u. a. bei CD Baby für knapp 15 Dollares. KR (KR 13)  

all about jazz.gifby Vittorio Lo Conte @ All about Jazz
May 18th, 2009

The Guy (il tizio), è Christopher Schreiner: un giovane che alcuni anni fa ha visitato la Berklee School e che ora ha messo in piedi, nel corso di quindici mesi di registrazione, un disco che viaggia tra fusion, rock e un po' di smooth.

Suona in trio con cura, dopo lungo tempo passato in studio. Un processo che lo ha aiutato a crescere, fa notare nel booklet, dandogli una precisa idea della direzione in cui vuole andare. 

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phase9_tv.jpg THE GUY
Album review by Natalie Homer

ONLY HUMAN is the 8 track debut release of Christopher Schreiner A.K.A. the guy. Don’t be fooled by the album cover which alludes to bland saxophone-led easy listening.  Not so.  Never has the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ been more appropriate.  The guy, a childhood nickname that stuck is a veritable guitar playing virtuoso.  This is high calibre instrumental jazz fusion with tones and moods that range from R&B to rock.

For a debut album, it’s pretty impressive, deftly combining elements of jazz and funk with contemporary mixed meters. His versatile soloing and diverse tones are clearly the album's focus, and he proves to be an adept rhythm player albeit a very earnest one.  One can only imagine where this lad’s talents will lead in good time.

Vintage Guitar compares him to Jeff Beck circa 1975 and Stevie Vai said, “Sweet, sweet playing guy! I mean really beautiful… They say one’s playing is evocative of who they are. If that’s true, you must be a really nice guy!”  - Read Full Review

Belgium / Dutch
09 October, 2008
Written by: Patrick Van de Wiele

De artiest die optreedt onder de naam “the guy” heet eigenlijk Christopher Schreiner. Een instrument bespelen interesseerde hem eigenlijk niet, totdat zijn neef Justin bas begon te spelen. Hij reikte naar de gitaar op zijn negende en ging muziek studeren. Zijn eerste cd heette ‘His First Seven’ en nu is de opvolger klaar. De opnames duurden zo’n vijftien maanden en hij componeerde vier van de acht tracks. Hij wou een cohesieve representatie van zijn stijl vastleggen. Hij draagt dit album dan ook op aan onvoorziene omstandigheden in het leven wiens invloed hoog is. Christopher wordt begeleid door een bassist en een drummer, en op twee tracks door een keyboardspeler. Enkel de song ‘Syeeda’s Song Flute’ is een cover van de hand van John Coltrane. De muziek is een mengeling van rock en jazz, die nogal op een zachte manier gebracht wordt.  - Read Full Review 

Music Street JournalThe Guy - Only Human
 Review by Gary Hill

"The Guy" is “Christopher Shreiner. He’s joined on this CD by David Livolsi on bass, Tyger MacNeal on drums and Chris Coogan on keyboards (on two tracks). Shreiner is a fret board master and handles all the guitar work on the disc. This is instrumental fusion and as fusion fits pretty well into the progressive rock category of Music Street Journal. While purely instrumental albums can certainly become boring this one doesn’t even come close to that. It’s a killer disc from a talented man – or should I say, “guy?”
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progressia.jpg Progressia  -   | NOVEMBER 13th, 2008

New Album - REVIEW

Belgium / France
By Nicolas Soulat

"Exercice difficile que d’aborder ce style de travail, que ce soit pour l’auditeur initié ou débutant, mais également, supposons-le, pour l’artiste. Un album instrumental totalement cousu de guitare qui représente un réel défi pour les neurones (et les doigts).

Et il serait presque impossible pour le compositeur d'être suffisant à soi-même en protégeant son oeuvre de l’originalité ; la démarche se veut précise et recherchée. Il existe, pourrait-on dire, deux écoles dans lesquelles on constate, bien entendu, d’avantage de place pour l’échec que pour la réussite. Deux enseignes portées par des professeurs tels que Steve Vai ou Ron Thal, pour la première, face à Joe Statriani ou Eric Johnson qui incarnent la suivante."  - Read Full Article 

amarokprog.gif AmarokProg  - Chronique CD  | OCTOBER 17th, 2008


Belgium / France
By Cyrille Delanlssays

Qui est THE GUY demande subtilement le titre un peu abstrait du site internet en question ? Le guitariste Chris Shreiner serait-on tenté de répondre de façon un poil prosaïque puisque se cache derrière ce pseudonyme un nouvel exemple de virtuosité diplomée du prestigieux Berklee College of Music (comme John Pterucci, John Myung ou Derek Sherinian). Il y a pire curriculum vitae. Pour autant, la compétence technique ne suffit pas toujours à rendre les choses intéressantes ou tout au moins écoutables. Au jeu, savant, des sept familles, on dira que cet album lorgne du côté ERIC JOHNSON et du JOE SATRIANI jazzy cool. Si l’on glisse sur « Intro », aux harmoniques d’ambiance, « Icarus » et « An Interlude in Bleú » envisagent un groove assez inspiré qui décollent véritablement sur « Zebra Club » et son final débridé à la wah-wah, puis « Youngblood » qui tempête sans fioritures un rock qui semble chercher la qualité des notes jouées plutôt que leur nombre. Le défie d’équilibre entre virtuosité et musicalité des ces instrumentales jamais hurlantes porte chaque titre dans un écrin fragile, où les pirouettes ne sont pas absentes (« Syeeda’s Song Flute » où la basse dodue fait place nette à une rythmique qui décroise les orteils), avec un lyrisme omniprésent qui balance parfois dans un blues romantique délicat (« Her Hypnotic Heart »). Selon l’auteur, ce disque reflète l’esprit qui l’anime. Bien produit, bien secondé par un solide trio base-batterie-claviers, on y verra surtout les angles prometteurs d’un instrumentiste qui s’avance avec modestie sur les pas glorieux des ainés cités plus haut.
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Rock Report Rock Report  - Album Reviews  | OCTOBER 2nd, 2008


Assebroek Belgium

The artists who send their instrumental albums to Rock Report know very well that only a few get a spot on these pages. We normally don’t feature instrumental music that much and only a couple get handpicked by yours truly, depending on the qualities of the artist in question and the mood I'm in. This guy, known as The Guy and to his mother as Christopher Schreiner, is one of those exceptions but I have to admit: there were no two ways about his obvious talent.

I could actually hardly believe that this is the man’s solo debut. What a timing, tone & subtlety! Judging by the cover he’s still in his twenties, maybe early thirties so Mr. Schreiner still has a long path to travel upon. People that judge an instrumental album by the amount of shredding should turn the other way; this is for admirers of the right tone at the right place, the sort of music that can be enjoyed by candlelight with the misses.

A really extraordinary piece of work, I loved every second of it.
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 CW's Place  - Album Reviews  | OCTOBER 17th, 2008

By C.W. Ross

For those of you thinking that Schreiner must be stuck on himself with a A.K.A. like- ‘The Guy.’ Schreiner gives this explanation for how he got the nickname, “My father’s name is Christopher. My family and close friends have always referred to me as “guy,” to avoid confusion. Around the time I began playing in my first garage band, “The Assassins,” people started to call me “the guy.” I suppose that referring me in the third person regardless of the context became amusing. It stuck. Occasionally people interpret it as some pretentious declaration of superiority, as opposed to an affectionate moniker.”

Only Human
is not your typical shredding filled guitar instrumental album. It’s complex and mixes jazz, and rock styles with elements of modern and classic sounds. The sound is layered with not only lead guitar it also includes bass, drums, and keyboard parts that work as perfect accents to Christopher Schreiner’s guitar work.

Schreiner’s talent really shines brightly in this release. He’s no one trick pony. He shows a wide range of styles on Only Human that will appeal to both guitar aficionados and anyone that’s a lover of music that’s done well.
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Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal - ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT | SEPTEMBER 16, 2008

A Guitar Contest With a Winning Surprise

San Francisco

"We're under way at Guitar Player magazine's fourth annual Guitar Superstar Competition, held Saturday here at the Great American Music Hall. Up on the balcony are the judges: guitar gods Joe Satriani and Steve Vai; the Cars' Elliott Easton; Dokken's George Lynch; and Brendon Small, a death-metal guitarist who's behind "Metalocalypse," an Adult Swim series on TV's Cartoon Network. Andy Summers of the Police, the master of ceremonies...

The fourth contestant, from Norwalk, Conn., performs as "the guy." His spacey approach is quietly flashy and intense, but at a crucial moment he hesitates, as if drawing a breath, before a furious flurry.

As the judges withdraw to select the winners, I pick my top three: Mr. Oreskovich, Ms. Genfan and the guy"
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