Sweeeeeeeeeeeep Arpeggios

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Lesson: Sweeeeeeeeep Arpeggios

Sweep picking… is for kool kids only. And if you are reading this lesson you probably know exactly what it is and what it sounds like.

There are a few variations on this picking technique, but I hold my pick as flat as possible against the strings (not at an angle) and I do not lower the point of the pick very far; it should skim across the top of the strings.

As notated in the exercises I attack the highest note in each phrase with the pick, once ascending and again with the pick to begin descending. Many players hammer-on the highest note whilst ascending and then pull-off descending but picking twice in both directions is more accurate with regards to rhythmic accuracy...

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pdfMinor Sweep Arpeggio Inversions

pdfMajor Sweep Arpeggios